Wednesday, March 19, 2008

transmission 11

Nightmoves - Transdance
Cold In The Head - Corrida Humaine
Felix Kubin - Krematorien
Trop Tard - Les Anges D'Aujourd'hui
Das Ding - Sad But True
Kerosene - Stivali
G.K. Agenda - The Insect Collector
Martial Canterel - Shrapnelle
Los Iniciados - El Cantor De Jazz
John Bender - 57-1 Dance
Wallagh - Software Crisis
Better Beatles - Penny Lane
Fall Of Saigon - The Swimmer

UPDATE: My internet has been zapped for the last day, and I actually had no idea that the brilliant Arthur C. Clarke has died. I took the name for this mix from a screenshot in the film 2001, because I just watched it for the nine billionth time. I did not mean any disrespect. Rest in peace Mr. Clarke. Very strange coincedence!

download here:
life functions terminated

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i'm downloading this jam tonight! word-