Thursday, January 31, 2008

transmission 9

Pretty dance-y mix this time around, but in a weird way. I decided to start adding the location and year for each track, because I'm a dork, and I enjoy doing that sort of thing. It turned out kind of 1983-heavy... I guess that was a good year. I was negative 3.

Special thanks to Mutant Sounds, and all my other blog regulars for making my day, every day.

Keine Ahnung - Plastik (Germany, 1983)
Gorilla Aktiv - Die Maske (Germany,1982)
Dopplereffekt - Master Organism/Superior Race (Detroit?, 1995)
Conrad Schnitzler - Buta Raga (Germany, 1978-ish)
Absolute Body Control - Automatic II (Belgium, 1983)
Somnambulist - Things I Was Due To Forget (Belgium, 1983)
A Blaze Colour - Nowhere Else (Netherlands, 1982)
The Tanzdiele - Kleine Schlange (Germany, 1981)
21 Brothers - Brothers In Arms (???, 1989)
Nocturnal Emissions - Wee Wee Wee (UK, 1983)
Martin Dupont - Bent At The Window (France, 1984)

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do not sit down


My comrade Andrew Michael turned me on to this group yesterday. Their songs totally blew me away. Anybody who's a fan of The Neon Judgement/Cabaret Voltaire/Absolute Body Control/etc. will probably dig this. It's good to know that they're just around the corner in Houston, which is funny.... because they sound like they're from Europe in the early '80s.

Go listen!

//TENSE// at myspace

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

transmission 8

Head over to Lars' blog and check out the completed Mastermind sequencer. I went over to his place and helped make some sample clips of the sequencer controlling analog drum modules. It was an exhilarating experience, to say the least. I can't wait to compose some new material with that stuff.

Here's some tunes I've been jamming:

SPK - Metall Field
Cabaret Voltaire - Silent Command
Portion Control - Preach
Eazy Teeth - Her Blade
Thomas Leer and Robert Rental - Day Breaks, Night Heals
The Klinik - Melting Close
Boyd Rice and Frank Tovey - Extraction 2
Pseudo Code - Simulation (To The Blue Eyed Boy)
Test Dept. - Pulsations 1 (Human Run)
Tecnoville - Zusammensturz
Section 25 - Knew Noise
Bene Gesserit - Kidnapping
Attrition - Shrinkwrap

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pvc pipe

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

transmission 7

Here's an excellent mix that Ty from Violent Squid gave me:

Heteroglossia: Presence of multiple, possibly divergent discourses within a given language - such as the collision of high & low cultures in a single text

International Harvester - Sommarlåten

Yi Yi Thant/Aung Heina - Good Time

Pan & Regaliz - I Can Fly
Cambodia Rocks - A2
Francoise Hardy - Le Temps De l'Amour
Sloche - Potage Aux Herbes Detouses
Epidaurus - Mitternachtstraum
Mogollar - Katip Arzvhalim Yaz Yare Boyle
Sajada Al Ubaid - Ala Honak (Take It Easy)
Sun City Girls - CCC
La Podding - Sungguh Terpaksa
Chung-Ae Ahn - No Mercy Blues
Kim Jung Mi - Sun
People - Prologue
Tomrerclaus - Forvalterdrengen
Morgan - Purple
Pesky Gee! - Where Is My Mind
Ant Trip Ceremony - Pale Shades Of Gray

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Clock DVA

Friday, January 11, 2008


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

transmission 6

Another all over the place mix.

Glaxo Babies - Maximum Sexual Joy
Debris - Leisurely Waiting
Breather - Embrace On The Summit
Lee "Scratch" Perry - Ooh La La Dub
Struggler - Obligation
Lives Of Angels - Ascension
Amphyrite - Moppie
Andrew Michael - A little closer

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

transmission 5

There wasn't much going on this weekend. I've just been hanging out around the house. I might as well upload a mix. I went all over the place with this one: post punk, deathrock, electronic, and general weird stuff. I've been getting a lot of this music from no longer forgotten music, phoenix hairpins, and because god told me to do it. Check those guys out.

Nasmak - Waiting Room
Black Flag - In My Head
The Attic - Women Are Not For The Wash Up
Mekanik Kommando - Plants
Bone Orchard - Dead Eighteen
Craig Leon - Donkeys Bearing Cups
Rondos - A Waltz
Chris & Cosey - Bus Stop
Gothic Girls - Borrowed Tongues
S/Z - Old Black Russian

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boring sunday night

Saturday, January 5, 2008

23 Skidoo

Friday, January 4, 2008

transmission 4

You may have heard, you may have not heard. Filling in for Mr. English this post, I submit my own mixtape for download. Maybe I should start my own blog instead of hijacking my friend's? If you would like a personal mixtape sent to you with different songs email your name and address to Also, to note, this "podcast" is ripped from a mixtape on which all songs come from my record collection. Trebly...
-Orville Neeley

Give Me Aural: Soundhead Transmission #4

Reagan Youth - I Hate Hate
Gas Huffer - Bad Guy Reaction
Teengenerate - Sex Cow
Oblivians - You Better Behave
The Mummies - That's Mighty Childish
Thee Mighty Ceasars - You Make Me Die
Barracudas - Little Red Book
Buzzcocks - Autonomy
Hubble Bubble - Sweet Rot
The Kids - I Feel Alright (Correct me if I am wrong on this title)
Redd Kross - Look On Up At The Bottom
Rip Offs - Dolemite
Vibrators - Bad Time
Really Red - Teaching You The Fear
Iggy and the Stooges - I Got A Right

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008