Sunday, March 9, 2008

more 7 inches from Chad A

Pre Fix - Underneathica/Ectomorphine (Subterranean, 1981, US)

1. Undernea
2. Ectomorphine

Weird fried-sounding guitars, somewhat demented lyrics. A really cool postpunk single.

get it HERE

Bay Of Pigs - Addiction/Aliens (Subterranean, 1980, US)

1. Addiction
2. Aliens

More funky-ass guitar tones, tight rhythm section.

get it HERE

Science Patrol - Bandit Ducks From Outer Space (Zero Risk, 1981, US)

1. Bandit Ducks From Outer Space
2. Pop A
3. Pop B
4. Pop C
5. Pop D

First heard the a side on one of the Return Of Flexipop compilations. Very good minimal synth/pop with cool vocal treatments. The b side is recorded together as "Pop ABCD." Can't stop listening to this one!

get it HERE

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Anonymous said...

Bandit Ducks From Outer Space

could you re-upload this one?
the link has expired