Monday, March 31, 2008


Monotonprodukt 02 (LP, Monoton, 1980, Austria)

1. Ein Wort
2. Dubwise
3. Wirklichkeit
4. Leben Im Dschungel
5. Teil 2
6. Teil 3

Monotonprodukt 07 (LP, Monoton, 1982, Austria)

Tanzen & Singen
2. Tonfolge
3. Wasser
4. Feuer
5. Tanz Auf Dem Strom
6. √1 = 1
7. J.S.C.A.
8. Kurzwellenfunk
9. Neu
10. Drehung
11. Wo Bin I Da?
12. Tonspur
13. Sägezahn
14. Fisch
15. Singsang
16. Hz. Waltzer

AMAZING dubbed-out minimal electronics. Very hazy-fuzzy textures. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



Bart Trotman said...

zshare is not letting me download for some reason. i just get stuck in a loop of waiting and hitting download...

Pawel said...

Absolutely genial albums! It is hard to belive that Monoton recorded that music 28 years ago. It is timeless music - such inspirational like Kraftwerk - for whole minimalistic scene today.

It is the best post I found in blogosphere ever.

Bless ya!

soundhead said...

workday - i'm not having any problems, try again... if it doesn't work i'll upload to something else.

pawel - i'm glad you enjoyed these records! they're incredible!

Anonymous said...

truly incredible. Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

Wowzers, thanks for these two! Amazing stuff.
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

i was looking for those albums for some time, couldn't find hard copies.
thanks for sharing.
the thing is that zShare isn't let me dload.
any idea?

Anonymous said...

working now
keep the good job!