Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This will be a great evening. If you're in the area of Denton, TX, you should come check it out.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Program 15: Suspense

Here's some dark/dreamy stuff I've been freaking myself out to lately.

Abner Malaty - Open [link]
Grønvirke - Appendicitis [link]
City Of Worms - Hichotomy [link]
Coup De Grace - Sick Of Living / Unwilling To Die [link]
Ewald Spiss - Siebenglasfuss [link]
S·Core - Symptom [link]
La Kuizine - Raomem (I'm Naked) [link]
Croiners - Untitled [link]
Atrax Morgue - Something Bad [link]

total: 43:50

download here:

Monday, May 4, 2009


Synthetik 1 (LP, Self-Released, 1973, Germany)

1. Overtüre - "Jeder Ist Heutzutage Glücklich" - If Someone Survives, We Will Have A Return - Match (Konditionsmusik - 1972) (3:41)
2. Eintrachtkreis-Paranoia (Die 200jahrfeier Findet Nicht Statt - Kondominatsmusik - 1972) (1:02)
3. Verhütungsfreudenwalzer (Kontinenzmusik Für Eine Akademie 1973) (1:27)
4. Speedy Achmed (Verhaltensanweisung 1973) (3:46)
5. Studentenzucker - "Tue Gern, Was Du Tun Mußt!" (Konfektionsmusik 1973) (0:36)
6. "Die Menschen Sind Glücklich, Sie Kriegen, Was Sie Begehren, Und Begehren Nichts, Was Sie Nicht Kriegen Können - Laubsägebastler, Briefmarkensammler Und Brieftaubenzüchter Bilden Das Rückgrat Der Menschheit" (Kondolenzmusik 1973) (10:42)
7. Phönix - 1972 (10:14)
8. "Was Dir Heute Freude Macht, Das Verschieb Nicht Über Nacht!" (Kondensmusik Aus Einem Konzert Im Gallery-House London - 1973) (4:16)
9. Auszug Aus Einem Konzert In Der Düsseldorfer Kunsthalle 1971 (7:45)

This was posted by Mutant Sounds about two years ago, and blurbed about on Matrixsynth about a year ago, but I thought I would bring forth this mammoth recording once again. Seesselberg were a little known German brotherly experimental electronic duo. They recorded this record between 1971 and 1973 and released it themselves in a run of 1000. I am assuming this was all recorded using an intense rig of modular synthesizers and effects... I have a guess that they were using Serge machines from their lone YouTube video online, but also could have used hand-built equipment. This recording makes incredible use of the stereo spectrum. Rich filter sweeps and sample and hold patterns whoosh around your head. Some of the most impressive and out-of-this-world synthesizer sounds I have ever heard. Anyone that is a fan of abstract electronic music and/or freaked out psychedelic music should definitely check this out.

A small German compact disc label, Plate Lunch reissued this recording in 2002... which you can (I think?) purchase here.

The files are separated into two sidelong mp3s.

download here:
Seesselberg - Synthetik 1