Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Minny Pops

Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement (LP, Plurex, 1979, Netherlands)

1. Springtime 1
2. Minny Pops
3. Hologram
4. Total Confusion
5. Dolphin's Spurt
6. Motor City
7. Springtime II
8. Monica
9. Flash Goes The Eye
10. M.D. Mania
11. R.U. 21
12. Mono
13. New Muzak

First album by Minny Pops. Great post punk/electronics.

download here:
Minny Pops - Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement


Anonymous said...

I've got a huuuge request. As with all the links provided by very dissapointing Massmirror from your absolutely gorgeous blog are dead (I don't know what has happened to MM as it was reliable for a long time), are there any chances for them to be reposted? I know it's a lot of work, but please please please... I'm probably not the only person waiting for them. :-)

Thanks and take care

Anonymous said...

yes! please repost :) Great blog thanks

Anonymous said...

yes i wait too!!