Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gorilla Aktiv

Umsonst Ohne Risiko (LP, WSDP, 2005, Germany)

1. Mädchen In Weiss
2. Das Gesicht
3. Spiegelbild
4. Ottos Pornos
5. Die Maske
6. 7/6/4
7. Resonanz Katastrophe
8. Umsonst Ohne Risiko - Suono Seguito
9. Die Maske (Version)
10. Tuna Rampage
11. 1983
12. Kopf Und Bauch
13. Tombstone Blues

Incredible NDW/minimal synth/punk crazyness from Tommi Eckart. Tracks 1-9 were released in 1982, the rest in 1983. One of my favorite albums, highly recommended!

download here:
Gorilla Aktiv - Umsonst Ohne Risiko


Pawel said...

Brilliant stuff! There are some differences in sound between two sides, but it is rare document of such creative period in electronic music. One of the best groups of NDW. Thanks for sharing!


Justin Vaccaro said...

Thanks so much for this. i have been kicking myself for missing the WSDP vinyl, but now i can kick someone else.

Anonymous said...

its totally down :(