Friday, March 14, 2008

Doxa Sinistra

Newsflashes (Cassette, Trumpett, 1988, Netherlands)

1. Station Call
2. Newsflashes
3. Media Bomb
4. Remote Birth Control
5. Foreign Correspondent
6. Swindle
7. The Sky Is The Limit
8. Televisor
9. Call Now!
10. Cocoon World
11. International Cycling Sport
12. Il Spirito Di Sergio Leone
13. The 12 Miss Pelicoes

Fucking fantastic industrial/minimal electronics tape. Very interesting vocal treatments. A couple of their other albums can be found here and here.

download here:
Doxa Sinistra - Newsflashes


Curious Guy said...

Thanks! Enjoyed the previous Doxa Sinistra posts so I'm enjoying this one as well.

thyess said...

really good , thanx ..

Anonymous said...

This tape will be out on vinyl for the first time soon on Dutch label Enfant Terrible (that also released other Trumpett archive material). See here:

Anonymous said...

can you reupload it please