Saturday, March 8, 2008

Scientific Americans

Load And Go! (Cassette, Reachout International, 1982, US?)

1. Sounds from the stars/WKGB
2. Weird Streams
3. Diseases
4. U-235
5. Fascist
6. El Salvador
7. G-Stalt
8. Girlfriend Dub
9. Ball Of Confusion
10. When I Was a Kid
11. Cold Turkey
12. Water Underground
13. Service Dub
14. Name That Tune

Goofy minimal wave/synth/postpunk. I couldn't find very much info on this band.

download here:
Scientific Americans - Load And Go!

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Fantasma said...

Wow this is great..
I do have another request.
What about Vitor Hublot - 185 Millions de francophones et moi, et moi, et moi... LP.
I have been looking for this LP for many years.. any chance?