Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Guerre Froide

Untitled EP (12", Stechak, 1981, France)

1. Ersatz
2. Demain Berlin

3. Mauve
4. Peine Perdue

Archives (Cassette, Cryogénisation, 1985, France)

1. La Chanson D'Ian
2. Eva (Berlin 81)
3. Départ
4. Sans Ultimes Sens Multiples
5. Berlin Demain
6. Remorquage
7. Gloria Victis
8. Brumes
9. Picaro
10. Flashbacks Futurs

Guerre Froide are a French coldwave band that was active in the early 80's. It looks like they reformed pretty recently, gigging and releasing new music.

Very good minimal gloomy post punk.

Guerre Froide at Myspace

download here:
Guerre Froide - Untitled EP
Guerre Froide - Archives


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