Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Justine & Juliette

Kiss Of The Whip (cassette, Arbeit Group, 1988, US)

S&M themed industrial release from Arbeit Group collaborators, Elise Fife and Elizabeth Stephens-- their only tape. Recorded May '88 at the Arbeithaus. Engineered and mixed by Thomas Thorn.

VA - Hora Aurea

Various Artists - Hora Aurea (cassette, Arany Kor, 1989, Austria)

Nice ritual/ambient/industrial compilation on Gerhard Petak's (of Allerseelen) label. Artists included are Mental Measuretech, Allerseelen, Place Of Clod, Salo Mentale, Kadmon, Dependance, Luciano Dari, Vox Populi!, and Act Of Faith.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

transmission 18

Here's a cavernous one.

Laughing Hands - Four
A.C. Marias - Drop
The Loved One - Crashless
Collectionism - The Side Effect
Dome - Breathsteps
Savant - Sensible Music
Mechthild Von Leusch - Rungholter Tanz 5A

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

General Strike

My Body (7", Canal, 1979, UK)

This project consisted of three experimental music figureheads-- David Cunningham (Flying Lizards, Piano Records, etc.), David Toop, and Steve Beresford. Two wonderfully brief avant-pop-dub tracks.


Manifest (8" EP, Explosion Records/Vital Plant Ltd., 1985, Japan)

Originally posted years back on the short-lived, Ghosts In The House. Unique & relentless dark postpunk/deathrock. This needed a repost.


Ekphrasis (cassette, La Légende Des Voix, 1989, France)

First release from Eric La Casa's La Légende Des Voix label. Great experimental/industrial.