Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Violent Squid

I wanted to take a minute to talk about an artist from my town, Denton, TX.

This brain-melter culture-jammer improvisational group is probably one of the most interesting things going on around here. My friend, Ty Stamp, is the main instigator. A while back he made a mix that I posted here. The music may or may not be any direct influence on Violent Squid, but it's a pretty bizarre mix of sublime frequencies style foreign tunes, and some more contemporary experimental artists.

I've seen Violent Squid as a drum trio... a small army of musicians playing guitars/electronics/phototheremins/metal boxes with springs... a "turntabalist" was involved one time (and it was not as stupid as that sounds!)... I even jam with them on occasion. The only constant member is usually Ty.

I caught them last Saturday at a local club. I was a bit too inebriated to pay attention, but thankfully, Ty recorded the whole thing.

You can find that recording, a funny video, and almost ALL of their other live and studio recordings for download at Ty's blog:

violent squid autopsy

I'm going to be posting some more releases from my favorite dfw artists in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I really liked these guys music. You are lucky to have such a diversity of good talent around you.


Digital Liver said...

violent squid!

tystamp said...

hey thanks shane i just now saw this!

Anonymous said...

Whoa!--beauty in bloom. I've noticed a lot of bad ass topics covered. Spot on taste too.

Dankst, English.

Anonymous said...

hey -- i thought you all might like this band INVISIBLE from Greensboro, NC. They play elaborate homemade instruments -- like an analog drum machine that works on a wheel system like a music box -- and a typewriter that plays piano. These guys don't play out of NC much, though - so you probably haven't seen them.