Thursday, April 17, 2008

Portion Control

Simulate Sensual (LP, In Phaze Records, 1983, UK)

1. Simulate Sensual
2. Bombay CID
3. Electrotechnik
4. Moving Towards A Waste
5. The Pressure Is High
6. New Phaze
7. Le Crunch
8. If I Could Spit
9. Return To Situation
10. He Is Patriotic
11. Come Alive
12. He Is A Barbarian

Excellent collection of various studio and live tracks from 1980-1982 from the classic EBM

download here:
Portion Control - Simulate Sensual


Anonymous said...

This is a good one of theirs. I hadn't heard it before.Thanx.


Pawel said...

Great album. They released a lot of superb minimal synth music in 1980 - 1985 period. Then they went into industrial dance oriented EBM.

I am looking for theirs cassette "With Mixed Emotion" from 1982.

Anyone can help?


Anonymous said...

The original release is on clear vinyl, (which I have), and this forms part of the Archive boxset the band have just re-pressed. They are still gigging and recording after an extended hiatus.
For more info go to

A good introduction to the band, thanks!

ROOKSBY said...

Still my favourite P.C. release, nice to hear it again after so long...