Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ike Yard

Ike Yard (LP, Factory America, 1982, US)

1. M. Kurtz
2. Loss
3. N.C.R.
4. Kino
5. Cherish 8
6. Half A God

Absolutely essential dark no wave electronics and voice.

Acute Records put out a fantastic collection of Ike Yard songs. If you like this record, buy the CD from them HERE.

At the request of Acute Records, I've taken the download link down for this. Don't miss this... order the CD from them,


Anonymous said...

Beautifull record! I have the collection. Definately my favourite No-wave project. I was talking to them on Myspace not to long ago. We were discussing other names for a band that could be made from A clock work orange. They told me maybe" Lie quiet awhile with ed," or " Stash Krow." I vote for "Stash Krow". How could you go wrong with a name like that?


soundhead said...

Nasmak is also a good clockwork band name

Digital Liver said...

soundhead i fucked up and gave you wrong info the clock work orange lingo is NADSAT and i got confused with nasmak

you can put me in isolation now

soundhead said...

haha, i'll spare you for now!

Curious Guy said...

Dl'd the collection CD from Emusic lately and was quite surprised! Excellent band with timeless sound.

Unknown said...


While we appreciate the interest and your introducing people to the music, we'd prefer people didn't post such large sections of music that's legally available on a CD we've released that's still in print and would appreciate the removal of the hosting link.


Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, and I tend to at times, but I don't think that because six outta eighteen tracks are posted, that someone wouldn't buy the 'collected album. If anything the ep would wet the whistle for those who've never heard it.

Mars said...

As if you needed more testimonials: This album is INCREDIBLE. Worth whatever the asking price is. It's the Real Old New York Gutter Dub. A mugging as dance.

Unknown said...


There's a fine line...and generally we're cool with bloggers posting a track or three from our releases as it's a real help when it comes to spreading the word. However, in this case, where the CD compiles an LP, an earlier EP with a slightly different sound, and some outtakes, I would think that perhaps there are people who'd be happy just to have the LP. It may only be 6 songs but it's really the bulk and center of the CD.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I see the point. Either way, I bought the collected works when it came out last year. It is good music. It was worth what I paid, which was very reasonable for its' content. It is customary for the respected wishes of copy holders to be held by bloggers. So, I am sure if it urks you so much, Soundhead will kill the link.

Unknown said...

It is customary for the respected wishes of copy holders to be held by bloggers

That is the case sometimes, but not always. In any case, the link has already been removed and it's much appreciated. Thank you soundhead and thanks everyone for their interest and support.

Anonymous said...

I really love when people start off their rebuttle with my words in italics. That happens alot. Really, music blogging is about music. And listening to it. And enjoying it. It is unfortunate that some people may disagree, and understandably at times. But, I still don't think that because a third of an albums portion is available in original format, that someone would not purchase an incredible collection of the artist work. That is my seven cents of opinion.


Anonymous said...

I don't want see what's so wrong with posting a vinyl rip, maybe wants to hear the crackle, pop, and the "vinyl sound" instead of the cleaned up and digitally destroyed CD version. I'm all for giving money to artists but Ike Yard never made any money when this came out, he only gained fans over the years from people giving copied cassette tapes of the original LP, and I doubt that this Actue CD version selling millions of copies and helping him easy into a luxury retired life in Miami. Give me a break.

The guys from Ike Yard probably would not even care about this post. The music was ignored for so long. It was the music fans that kept it alive and kept the cult of the Ike Yard recording going.

Actue Records is cool and they have good taste, I only wish the Car Park associated label would have a little bit better taste and release better modern artists, they are out there and you just have to find them. I will give you a hint, they don't have a page on myspace or updating facebook!

At least Car Park is still not as embarrassing as those yuppie-kid hollywood party labels like Dim Mak, Boom Kat, or DFA. And they are not as plastic as Troubleman Unlimited with all of their trend jumping, that label will jump on any trend that comes along. If metal ska come back in style, they would jump on it hard and act as like if it was the greatest music ever made on this earth. They jump trends just as hard as Moby or Madonna, totally plastic.

soundhead rules..

SA said...

Hey, we all appreciate having people discover the music ... and yeah thanks to those who dubbed it onto cassette and got it to friends -that's not always appreciated.
But I prefer to not see the whole Album posted.
Cheers , thanks Soundhead.
SA from Ike Yard

Anonymous said...

Ike Yard is releasing new material :


...more to follow