Sunday, April 6, 2008

Charles De Goal

Algorythmes (LP, New Rose Records, 1980, France)

1. Exposition
2. Dans Le Labyrinthe
4. L'Homme Pierre
5. Radio On
6. Hang On To Yourself
7. Frédéric
8. Ralentissement Sur L'Autoroute
9. Modem

French minimalist postpunk with some synthyness and a drum machine.

download here:
Charles De Goal - Algorythmes


armeur H said...

Hey ! it's one of my fav' of this time ! Thank you to share this french minimal-synth gem ! And thank you for Palais shaumburg. I'll put a link to your blog on my own.

Fantasmi said...

Nice 1

Anonymous said...

yes, gratzi soundhead

Unknown said...

Thanks, been wanting to hear this album for a while now, and just stumbled upon your blog, great music and blog!

frankie teardrop said...

i hate that bowie cover, but otherwise, this is a definite classic!

soundhead said...

yeah i'm not too fond of the cover either.

Pawel said...

Great sound: cold wave meets minimal wave. I like it!
I`m looking for in the same style the debut album of Guerre Froide -"Cicatrice". Do you have this one maybe?