Friday, April 4, 2008

No Big Business 2

V/A - No Big Business 2 (LP, Anything But Records, 1983, Belgium)

1. Men 2nd - The Healer
2. A Blaze Colour - The Ultimate Fight
3. Maid In Belgium - Feel The Beat
4. The Neon Judgement - T.V. Treated
5. Nightcap - My Guest
6. Portrait Bizarre - Friends Could Be Friends
7. Kebab - Weekend
8. Sovjet War - The Nuthouse
9. M-Bryo & D.M.T. - The Empty Street
10. Primitifs - Open Doors

This one is for Curious Guy. Nice synth/postpunk compilation from Belgium.

download here:
No Big Business 2


Anonymous said...

Been wanting to hear this. Thank-you very much!....

Curious Guy said...

Thank you very much Soundhead. Only have the first one of No Big Business.

Anonymous said...


fantastic record!
But do you have vol.1 too?

soundhead said...

nope, i don't have it... looks like curious guy does though.

Psyence Guy said...

Cool blog! You've got youself some excellent musical tastes.

illusion said...

could you please re-upload with another filehosting?
recently zshare not works for me.

Anonymous said...

Please move it to another hosting site, it's Groundhog Dog all over again at zShare.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Cool blog!
Could you please re-upload.