Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Will You Speak This Word (LP, Uniton, 1982, UK)

1. To Speak
2. To Walk, To Run
3. To Duck, To Dive
4. This
5. Seven Year
6. Atlas

Peculiar experimental/industrial album from Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis. Really hard to explain this one, it's pretty out there. I'm not sure if the "industrial" tag is even correct. "This" is one of the strangest/coolest songs I've ever heard.

download here:
Dome - Will You Speak This Word


Pawel said...

All albums of Dome are worth of listen - strange music, sometimes synth-pop, sometimes industrial, sometimes experimental. Unique talents.

By the way: I am looking for He Said (Graham lewis from Dome) debut album - "Hail".

Anybody can help?


Dualtrack said...

Great share! Thank you very much!

El Limbo von Punsch said...

Here is the Hail.....


soundhead said...

thanks for that!

Pawel said...

Thank you very much El Limbo!


frankie teardrop said...

the wire family just gets bigger and bigger, doesn't it? wasn't familiar with this offshoot, but love their solo 4AD excursion, and naturally, colin newman's dabblings in minimal compact, githead, and on his own.

wire's always been a favorite. thanks for the upload!

Anonymous said...

thanx so much!
i'd never heard of this particular dome release... awesome.

TDC said...

thanks for this (and others...) great blog

The Deviant Hiker said...

Thanks for this! It's so hard to find anything from Dome, and this one is totally new to me.