Friday, April 18, 2008

Greg Vandike

Clone (7", United Artists, 1979, UK)

1. Clone
2. All Of The Girls

Nice synth-pop single.

download here:
Greg Vandike - Clone


Anonymous said...

Don't let all the krap get you irked. You have one of the best blogs musically on the web. I am sure many would agree. Be well my friend.....

fur said...

this song is awesome.

Sad said...

fantastic tracks. i had never heard for greg before a member of klaxons played 'clone' at a packed club launch on saturday night. it was the best song of the evening and filled the dancefloor!

going by what got played that night it would appear that the re-emergence of minimal synth, cold wave and the like has finally reached london (kas product, ruth, grauzone to name but a few)

focustest said...

greg vandike i think came from torquay, england.

md said...

link down .. can u upload again please?