Monday, April 14, 2008

Logic System

Logic (LP, EMI Music, 1981, Japan)

2. Unit
3. Domino Dance
4. 天変地異 (Convulsion Of Nature)
5. XY ?
6. Talk Back
7. Clash (Chinjuy Of Sun)
8. Person To Person
9. Logic

Awesome arpeggios and synth soundscapes. Reminds me of YMO at times, which I'm sure they were influenced by. I'm a sucker for great monotone vocoder... there's some of that in here too. Great Japanese proto-electro!

download here:
Logic System - Logic


Pawel said...

Yes - this one is good. But unfortunetally on the next record they went more into jazz-rock territory. Anyway the debut is worth of listen.


soundhead said...

yeah, i only have this. i guess i'll steer clear of the other one. heh.

Digital Liver said...

dont worry digital liver will put up the jazz rock record of logic system

if we did podcasts but hmmmm im not sure i think it would be cool to have a tape player that could be connected to the internet with a telephone wire and you had to call it like 1995

i like this record by the way it blows and not in a bad way at all

: )

redo said...

Logic System - 6 Albums

160 to 256 kbps

logic system (1981) logic
logic system (1981) venus
logic system (1982) orient express
logic system (1991) to gen kyo
logic system (1993) kandoh express vol 1
logic system (2003) history of logic system 1981-1982

redo said...

soundhead said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i've been looking for logic system everywhere
especially the first album
i found it at last
thanks plenty

Anonymous said...

this album was by Hideki Matsutake of YMO, hence the identical sound, still gtreat though

Unknown said...

He was the computer programmer for YMO and considered the "4th member" when they became a full-synth trio. He was with them right from the beginning, actually, and came up with new technologies for the band. Thanks for the post, I only have it on vinyl.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhh! Thanks!!!!!!!!

logic system (1992) SPACE POLYPHONY

ROOKSBY said...

Never managed to hear this at the time (Smash Hits gave it a good review believe it or not!), so many thanks for posting...