Friday, March 28, 2008

Y Pants

Y Pants (CD, Periodic Document, 1998, US)

1. Favorite Sweater
2. Luego Fuego
3. Off The Hook
4. Beautiful Food
5. Magnetic Attraction
6. Obvious
7. Barbara's Song
8. Beat It Down
9. We Have Everything
10. Lulu
11. Love's A Disease
12. The Shah Song
13. The Fly
14. The Code Of Life
15. What Do You Take Me For?
16. That's The Way Boys Are
17. Untitled

Y Pants were a punk/no wave trio from New York in the early 80s. They are often lumped into the "new york no wave" crowd, but they were very unique in that they used unconventional instruments such as toy pianos and ukuleles. This CD includes the "Y Pants" EP on 99 Records released in 1980, and their "Beat It Down" LP on Neutral Records in 1982... and a couple tracks from compilations.

download here:
Y Pants - Discography


Anonymous said...

I'm having no luck downloading this. It might be expired.

soundhead said...

i'll reupload it to zshare... i don't know what the hell is wrong with massmirror.

Anonymous said...


I'm trying to upload this but it doesn't seem to work. Please could you check if it's expired.


Anonymous said...

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