Friday, March 28, 2008

Alien Skull Paint

Appearing From The Inside (CD, Genetic Music, 2001, Germany)

1. Strobelights
2. Spirits
3. The Enemy
4. Poison
5. Underground
6. Fly With Me
7. Citylights
8. Difference
9. Automatic Man
10. Nowhere
11. No Return
12. Angel Of Death
13. Strange World

Alien Skull Paint is the alias of the German new school minimal-waver, Holger Rixen.

download here:
Alien Skull Paint - Appearing From The Inside


Trillo said...

About a year ago I would have killed for this post. I ordered this cd and it never came. Months later I was told by the company that it had been out of print for awhile. It took me about a year of limewire searching to get all of his songs. This is about the best album I heard. I didn't like his last one he made. It would be cool if he would start working on a side project. I really liked his song he did with Imiafan.

Anonymous said...

For any partie interested, check out his myspace page. Alien Skull Paint has some new songs surfaceing. But, when I inquired if it was a new album, he told me it was to early to discuss it.