Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Harsh Ears Now!! 2

Harsh Ears Now!! 2 (Cassette, Midas Tapes, 1986, Netherlands)

1. Kapotte Muziek - De Opstanding/Het Leven
2. THU20 - 4023
3. Dwarf Farm - I Wait For My Cure
4. Club Rialto - They Needed Me
5. Happy Halloween - Oh! The Night
6. The Vital Parts - Kindergarten
7. Jacinthebox - Taste
8. Jacinthebox - Dada
9. THU20 - 6554

Volume number two in a great compilation series from Midas Tapes. Lots of intense rhythms.

download here:
Harsh Ears Now!! 2


Peter Tron said...


I don't suppose you might be able to repost that vidna obmana/kapotte musiek cassette, as the zshare link is playing up?



Dualtrack said...

Thanks for this share! It's amazing!

zShare is dying, millions can't get it to work...

Anonymous said...

absolutely like it! if you have any other harsh ears volumes or early midas stuff i hope you'll post them soon...

thanks a lot for this one...

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Thanks. Continuo has blogged the full ‘viral symphOny’ here: http://continuo.wordpress.com/2009/01/16/joseph-nechvatal-viral-symphony-complete/