Monday, May 12, 2008


VA - Hembrug (Cassette, Finger In The Dike, 1982, Netherlands)

1. Sluik - You've Got To Listen To Me
2. Sluik - I Felt A Bit, I Was
3. Sluik - Back To Burnsley
4. Sluik - Open Window
5. Sluik - Never Ending
6. Ma Colle - Funeral
7. Ma Colle - Toys
8. Ma Colle - Rotterdam '41
9. Opel - Untitled Construction 1
10. Opel - Untitled Construction 2
11. Rob Van - On The Road
12. Rob Van - Grey
13. Rob Van - Ind. Imp. 1
14. Rob Van - Sounds, Words, Visions
15. Rob Van - Biofeedback
16. Paay - 1a
17. Paay - 4
18. Paay - 3b

Wonderful compilation of synth experimentation from 1982. This was previously posted by No Longer Forgotten Music about a year ago, but it was unindexed, which made it pretty difficult to differentiate between bands/songs.
Minimal Wave reissued the Sluik tracks from here on to a 7 inch, but it looks like they're all sold out.

Get this. It's wonderful.

download here:
VA - Hembrug


Anonymous said...

Man, what's up with all of the cool music comeing out of the Netherlands? I never knew till just a year or two ago that there was such a scene there.....

Anonymous said...

Good music I agree. Which Das Kombinat are you referring to? I am coming up with two bands called that on MYspace. Other than that, I cannot find anything referring to the name.

soundhead said...

Anonymous said...

Greeting from Hungary. I heard of Das Kombint before. Would much love to hear of:)

Unknown said...

cool blog & tunes, thanks!

Crusher said...

so damn good!

MusiqueSouterraine said...

great ! Thank you !

Anonymous said...

DaZ KoMbINat????

Anonymous said...

Ich habe gehört, diese Band Jahren. Nach wie vor sehr, sehr gut. Ich möchte Ihnen zur Post Die DAS Kombinat.If nicht für mich, für diejenigen, die nicht gehört, sie vor dem ...


Anonymous said...

Still not back? Moveing is definitely is a biotch. It's takeing me awhile to get everything together too.Goodluck, catcha again.


Anonymous said...

love your blog, one of the best ever. Thanks for your time, energy and generosity (as well as good taste in music!!)

hope you come back....I'll keep checking.

Unknown said...

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Salaried Man Club said...

Grabbed the Sluik 7inch. From Fusetron (tip, great distro).

Not all of the Sluik tracks on this cassette here are on the vinyl (no tracks 4 and 5)...

Thanks for the high quality rip of these oft stunning minimal wave tracks.

More experimentation please.