Thursday, April 15, 2010

transmission 16

Focus on esoteric, ritualistic industrial music.

Randy Greif - The Hole To Heaven
Hex Minora - Virus Of Minora
Korpes Katatonik - Shatok
Ewald Spiss - Lachen Und Stäbe
A Place To Pray - Untitled
Ain Soph - Credo (G. Kremmerz)
LAShTAL - There Is No God But Man
Die Sonne Satan - The Garden Of Hydra
Zero Kama - Atavism Dream

download here:


heth said...

hex fuck yex

Anonymous said...

después de sis meses, revives...../
after sis months, come back to life .....
ongi etorri / bien venido

active center said...

yeeeeeey, i felt like a ship without a sonar or lighthouse