Thursday, August 20, 2009


Iswari (Cassette, SPH, 1991, Portugal)

1. La Montagne Rouge
2. Les Trois Cercles

From Discogs:

Brume (Christian Renou) is a prolific French musique concrete composer/sound organizer who has been releasing CDs and cassettes worldwide. Renou is remarkable because he engages in elaborate concrete compositions without the academic pretension that surrounds much of the work in this style.

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download here:
Brume - Iswari


Anonymous said...

poco a poco vamos llenandonos de Brume, Gracias.
Por casa andan 2CDs de Brume, "Standard" y "Battery hens sabotage", si estas interesado y no los tienes... se pueden subir.

Anonymous said...

Rosticin elda gerero, canta jors senta ber neados. Cella morek jurel ;)

- Gorgey