Friday, May 8, 2009

Program 15: Suspense

Here's some dark/dreamy stuff I've been freaking myself out to lately.

Abner Malaty - Open [link]
Grønvirke - Appendicitis [link]
City Of Worms - Hichotomy [link]
Coup De Grace - Sick Of Living / Unwilling To Die [link]
Ewald Spiss - Siebenglasfuss [link]
S·Core - Symptom [link]
La Kuizine - Raomem (I'm Naked) [link]
Croiners - Untitled [link]
Atrax Morgue - Something Bad [link]

total: 43:50

download here:


tomas rivera said...

cool!!! thanks man! how ya been? where you living these days?

Anonymous said...

hell yes. 10 mins in is incredible!

Hall said...

Love the Abner Malaty, thanks.

active center said...

it's really great that you included marco corbelli