Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maeror Tri

Subliminal Forces (Cassette, Tonspur Tapes, 1991, Germany)

1. Ambrosia
2. Unconscious Confusion
3. Sonitus 1
4. Caelum
5. A Mystic Smile
6. This Wonderful Sadness
7. Abditus
8. Memento

"This tape is dedicated to the Sub-Conscience!
For best effects use headphones and play at high volume!
Recordings made July 1990-January 1991.
Thanks to Stefan Schwab. a waterfall in your mind..''

Headphone music, anyone?

download here:
Maeror Tri - Subliminal Forces


Anonymous said...

Please remove the 2 Monoton's LP.

They are available through ORAL_records : www,

soundhead said...


Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, this was also posted over at No Longer Forgotten Music too. It's GREAT!!

Any chance that you might also have (or know where to find) "Mind Reversal" by Maeror Tri?

Thanks for doing this great blog!

Anonymous said...


is there a chance for Das Kombinat / Notstandskomitee posts re-uploads?

there were problems with z-share and i couldn't get it there...

thanks for all:)