Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vidna Obmana

Gathering In Frozen Beauty (Cassette, The Decade Collection, 1989, Belgium)

1. Dazzling Array 1
2. Lost In The Swirling Distance
3. Dazzling Array 2
4. Before Mutual Grace
5. Upon Steels Heaven
6. Into Grey Divides
7. Gathering In Frozen Beauty

From Discogs:

"Belgian composer Dirk Serries chose the name Vidna Obmana for his musical persona because it means "optical illusion." in Serbian language. Thirteen years hence, Vidna Obmana still finds that the name gives him a feeling of freedom to place his music first, before his own personality and philosophy. Like water, Vidna Obmana continues to change form over his musical career.
As a self-taught electronic musician, Vidna Obmana explored different musical areas before discovering the techniques of looping and shaping harmonies, merging layers of sound and minimizing the configurations to a few notes. His style of atmospheric music creates trance-like states in listeners who understand the language of sound."

Gorgeous minimal ambient release.

download here:
Vidna Obmana - Gathering In Frozen Beauty


Anonymous said...

impressive sound scapes. very ambient. one or two tracks remind me of the calmer passages in kraftwerks TDF Soundtracks. thanks soundhed!!

Toxik Boys said...

great blog man


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

incredible album!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the interesting postings! esp the Ambient ones , will always drop by to see what's new :)

Phillip B. Klingler said...

Hello! PBK here... Interesting blog you've got here. I collaborated on some recordings with Vidna Obmana (circa 1988-90)- One of these, "Depression and Ideal" is available as a free album download at my blog: Also many other free albums available there... Please visit, download, share, review, repost, etc. Thank you...

Phillip B. Klingler said...

PBK here... Dirk Serries, aka Vidna Obmana, recorded much of this album in my home studio in California. His first full-length ambient album was a collaboration with me titled "Monument Of Empty Colours" in 1988.

At my blog, The Sound Genetic, I have a free album download of the rare PBK & Vidna Obmana: "Depression And Ideal", also from 1989, another ambient-noise classic. Find it here:

Please visit and download, share, repost, etc. Many interesting albums available there...


Anonymous said...

great soundscapes on this one! thanks.