Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kapotte Muziek

Real Time Music (Cassette, Midas Tapes, 1987, Netherlands)

1. Real Time Music 26/X/87 AA
2. Real Time Music 26/X/87 AB
3. Real Time Music 27/X/87 BA
4. Real Time Music 27/X/87 CA

Notes from Discogs:

"All sounds by Frans de Waard and his broken tape-deck.

Limited edition of 50 copies. First 20 copies in special boxed edition with parts from this tapedeck of Kapotte Muziek.

This tape was later re-released on 7" by Midas Music."

download here:
Kapotte Muziek - Real Time Music


Anonymous said...

nice to see you again! ^^

BURNS.R said...

Might you know where I can find any early Richard Bone in digital or tangible forms? Havent been able to track any down although, maybe I'm not digging deep enough.

Thanks for exposing me to all these little gems!


Anonymous said...

The only Richard Bone I've seen is on the Mutant Sounds Blog.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore Kapotte Muziek and all other Frans de Waard projects. Especially Wander. Do you have any of their numerous releases which are mostly confusingly self-titled? I would be on could 9 if I saw them here... :-)

Thanks for everything

Dualtrack said...

I don't know why, maybe it's my pop up blocker or a Firefox issue, but for some reason all zShare downloads don't work for me. They just keep going round & round in loops.