Saturday, July 5, 2008

Diamánda Gálás

The Litanies Of Satan (LP, Y Records, 1982, UK)

1. The Litanies Of Satan
2. Wild Women With Steak-Knives

Excellent, scary, out there album. I'm sure this has been posted by many blogs before, but anyone that hasn't heard this needs to. It's not a record you listen to every day or anything. Side A is for voice, tape, and electronics. Side B is "for solo scream."

download here:
Diámanda Gálás - The Litanies Of Satan

NOTE: No more bickering from you little anon posters. If you don't like my subject matter, you can simply not come here. Start your own blog!


[k] said...

Thank you man, i'm really happy that i've found your blog, all your stuff is excellent! Really, many Thanx! greetz from Italy!

Anonymous said...

I was just at Systems Of Romance and there's two comments on the recent post (probably from the same putz posting twice as two different people) saying there's a big debate going on here and that there's (oh no!) censorship!

I say reset your comments section to have all comments moderated before posted. Don't let assholes drag you and your great blog down.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog a couple of weeks ago, it really rocks, keep it up, whatever anyone says, do your thing! =)

frankie teardrop said...

yeah, i imagine those two comments i got in my neck of the woods were the same anon poster who started drama over here. i'm not touching that with a five foot pole! but glad you're sorting it through.

i dug the ataraxia record an awful lot, by the by.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was the second to comment upon this whole thing. And, I should know, I only expressed myself once. Do you trully find it so hard to believe that there is more than one person who feels that demonic stuff is stupid, and is even more ignorant to get off on. Ignorance is different than stupidity(you know this). I assume you must not actually delve much into the occult. Otherwise it would be a hollowed out soul that would be saying it is cool. I am not a putz. I am but one voice of many who just happened to disagree/agree with a few things. The way you responded to the first anon. poster, I felt, was very asnine and revealed much behind temperance of the blog hoster. Your hostility was unecessary. These 'little anons' are probably the majority of hits on your 'little blog'. I enjoy ,most, of your post. But, things envolving cult stuff is nothing to get defensive about, nor offensive. But your space, your perogative.


soundhead said...

You are in no position to tell me what it is and isn't necessary on my own blog.

Didn't start this thing to argue with people.

End of discussion.

J. S. Day said...

I think perhaps some of the people passing through do not understand Diamanda Galas. This was her debut album of experimental and avant garde music. She is neither a Satanist nor a proponent of evil. She's a musician, and the title was meant to be dark irony. Anyone who posted shallow criticisms of the work offhand, without knowing anything about her or her work, is guilty of a rush to judgment.

Diamanda Galas is an incredible musician, with a caring and compassionate heart. She has devoted a great deal of time to raise awareness of humanist issues, such as AIDS, domestic abuse and childhood molestation. Here are some reviews by people who aren't frightened by words and who do understand music:

The verdict is in. Diamanda Galas' crime: Making brilliant music -- "On “Guilty Guilty Guilty,” her 17th album, Galas performs “tragic and homicidal love songs” with the body-shaking power and soul-stirring passion that have long been hallmarks of her work. A maverick who strives for musical catharsis and usually achieves it, she sings with a liberating, sometimes terrifying, force that has left many an audience shaking in her wake."

Here's another review of Diamanda's music. Oh, gods no, it was written by feminists. They aren't kow-towed by religious condemnation, so brace yourself, because they are fans of this genius woman:
"She’s an American singer who was trained classically but has put her three-and-a-half-octave range voice to making records that will more or less make your blood run cold, in a good way. Some things you should know about her:

"Galas publicly criticized the Roman Catholic Church for not caring about AIDS victims in her performance Plague Mass, and she has spent much of her artistic career speaking out against general indifference to the epidemic. She has we are all HIV+ tattooed on her knuckles, okay.

"Her songs deal with murder, genocide, the death penalty, and Aileen Wuornos. You really can’t get any heavier than that, and I’m not surprised that she’s not better-known… after all, I’d rather dance than have a panic attack most days. Still, once in a while it’s good to light some candles, drink some wine and put on a record that will frighten you to within an inch of your life, and then bring you back with its beauty."

Thank you, soundhead, for providing this debut album from an original American icon of music, the arts and the humanities.

Shame on you, religious dogmatics.