Sunday, January 6, 2008

transmission 5

There wasn't much going on this weekend. I've just been hanging out around the house. I might as well upload a mix. I went all over the place with this one: post punk, deathrock, electronic, and general weird stuff. I've been getting a lot of this music from no longer forgotten music, phoenix hairpins, and because god told me to do it. Check those guys out.

Nasmak - Waiting Room
Black Flag - In My Head
The Attic - Women Are Not For The Wash Up
Mekanik Kommando - Plants
Bone Orchard - Dead Eighteen
Craig Leon - Donkeys Bearing Cups
Rondos - A Waltz
Chris & Cosey - Bus Stop
Gothic Girls - Borrowed Tongues
S/Z - Old Black Russian

download here:
boring sunday night

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