Sunday, November 4, 2007

transmission 1

It took me all day at the Larsen Manor, but I finished the first soundhead podcast.

53:09 of psych/electronic/no wave/dub/industrial gems from the past, complete with commentary by me.

download it. enjoy.

love without soundhead.mp3


Prince Money said...

lovely, u need to get a vocal effects joint for those announcements

im hooked shane. teach the kids!!!!

tystamp said...

shane got this shit you'd love. have you heard of Les Rallizes Denudes? can't wait to check out the mix dude.

tystamp said...

that amon duul II song is also on tanz der lemminge "stumbling over melted moonlight" but i guess when they re-released yeti they threw the extended version on there and called the song something else. i like the version on yeti.

cool mix!

Unknown said...

i'd never heard that version of that amon duul ii song either. sick.

find the helios creed song 'throw away the rind.'
best lyric ever: "don't look the other way, or you just might have to die..."